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is the name given to the Greek that was spoken and written between approximately 250 BCE and 350 CE.
This was the Greek in which the New Testament was written
and the Greek into which the Jewish Hebrew and Aramaic Scriptures (
“The Old Testament”) were translated
in the centuries prior to the coming of Christ.

The name given to that Greek transation is “The Septuagint”.

The Koiné Greek New Testament has now been recorded by Dr Trevor R Allin
and links to these recordings are provided on this website.
Pronunciation is based on independent research into the way that Koiné Greek was pronounced at the time of Christ.
In the centuries since then, there has been a major change in the pronunciation of vowels, and of some consonants,
In consequence of this, the pronunciation of modern Greek is very different.

Over the thousands of years that Greek has been spoken and written
there have also been some changes of Greek vocabulary and in some aspects of the grammar,
so the Koiné text is not the same as texts of the Bible published in
modern Greek.

However, the Koiné Greek text is the original text of the New Testament
and the Greek Text of the Old Testament that was used at the time of Christ.

Introduction to the Recordings of the Biblical Text

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